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【awinic inside】Realme Is Here to Stay

(2018-11-7 09:37)

Oppo's Realme sub-brand has come out of nowhere to make a splash in the Indian market. Now, the company's second smartphone, the Realme 2 with awinic Smart  K inside, has reportedly sold 370 000 units in just two days.

The news was announced by Realme on Twitter and comes on the back of two flash sales. The company apparently managed to sell 200 000 units during the first sale, which took place last week. The second flash sale took place today (September 11).

It's clear that the Realme brand has made some headway into the Indian market, then. In fact, at the Realme 2 launch, the company claimed that it has four percent market share in the online sales sector. That doesn't seem too shabby for a new brand with one phone to its name at the time.

Just like the Realme 1, the Realme 2 has a fibreglass body with a glossy diamond-cut effect on the back. There are 15 tangent planes carved onto the back panel which reflect light in different ways. Realme has refined the design, and the look is more subdued this time around. 

It is noteworthy to state that with the built-in awinic smart amplifier chipset - Smart Kinside, Realme 2 extends an extraordinary sound for the listeners.

The marvelous sound and the resounding volume greatly enhance the sound effect and quality. You may enjoy a greater sense of immediacy when playing games, watching videos or listening to music, etc.

The aforementioned Realme 2 sales suggest that the brand is maintaining momentum in the market. And with reports that the company is investigating offline sales, it seems like the brand is firmly planting its feet in the country.

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